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United Nations Police Week (5-9 November 2018); Female Police Officers at the Front Line

From 5 to 9 November 2018, the United Nations Police Division will host the 13th Police Week Conference at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Heads of Police Components (HOPCs) in United Nations Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions will gather to discuss strategic policing priorities and operational requirements for the close to 11,000 officers from 88 countries under their command. Participants will also brief the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C-34) and the Security Council.

HOPCs will consider progress made in realizing mandated tasks, discuss the way forward on implementing the e A4P Declaration of Joint Commitments, as well as agree on strategies to overcome current challenges.

The briefing to the C-34 will focus on measures to improve the safety and security of United Nations Police. Speakers will also highlight good practices related to community-oriented policing, and initiatives to further strengthen performance. HOPCs will also brief the Security Council on the efforts made by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to improve protection of civilians through gender-responsive policing; progress made by the United Nations Organisation Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on preventing and addressing serious and organized crime; as well as the role of the United Nations Mission For Justice Support in Haiti in strengthening the rule of law through police reform.

Gender Parity: A Top Priority

Female police officers play a critical role in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions by contributing to public order management, specialized capacities and high-risk operations, particularly in some societies where only female police officers are allowed to interact with female members of the community.

During the week, a special session will be dedicated to United Nations police efforts to realize Secretary-General’s Gender Parity Strategy launched in 2017 and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ targets for uniformed personnel. Building on the United Nations Police Gender Action Plan, HOPCs will identify ways to monitor and report progress on gender-responsive policing.

“Participation of female police officers in United Nations Police is crucial”, says United Nations Police Adviser Luís Carrilho”. They are a source of inspiration for women and girls to ensure that their voice is heard by all”, he added.

Currently of the 10,683 police personnel serving in 12 peace operations, 1,198 are women police officers. This includes 606 women individual police officers (IPOs) and 592 members of formed police units (FPUs). United Nations police has made significant progress in recruiting senior women police officers in leadership positions. Of the 10 peacekeeping missions with a police presence, police components are headed by women police officers in four missions (40%).

The award ceremony of the Annual United Nations Female Police Officer of the Year will pay tribute to the contribution of women police to sustainable peace. The award will be presented on 7

November to an officer who distinguished herself through her exemplary conduct and achievements and has made a significant impact in her area of responsibility. A photo exhibit highlighting the work of United Nations police in the field will also be launched in the Conference Building of the United Nations Secretariat on 6 November.