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The mission of UN Police is to enhance international peace and security by supporting Member-States in conflict, post-conflict and other crisis situations. Its goal is to realize effective, efficient, representative, responsive and accountable police services that serve and protect the population. To that end, United Nations Police build and support or, where mandated, act as a substitute or partial substitute for host-State police capacity to prevent and detect crime, protect life and property and maintain public order and safety, in adherence to the rule of law and international human rights law (S/2018/1183). 

Police in UN peace operations

UN Police Videos

United Nations Police Adviser's 
Message on COVID-19

United Nations Police Adviser's Message on COVID19 (English)

UN Police Response: Peacekeeping 
Chief Briefs Security Council

UN Police Response - Peacekeeping chief briefs Security Council

UN Police Sustain Peace 
& Prevent Conflicts

UN Police sustain peace & prevent conflicts



"Your work is a crucial part of the picture — ensuring that police represent and are responsive to the communities they serve, including women and marginalized groups. Advancing accountability. Fulfilling our mission lawfully and humanely." - UN Secretary-General António Guterres opening the 16th UN Police Week.




Foreword of Secretary-General António Guterres