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UN police training materials for IPOs

For United Nations police officers two sets of training materials exist.

Core Pre-deployment Training Materials

The Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM) present the essential knowledge required by all peacekeeping personnel – military, police and civilians – to function effectively in a UN peacekeeping operation. The materials should be used as the core resource for any UN pre-deployment training course. The CPTM is intended to provide a shared understanding of the basic principles, guidelines and policies of UN peacekeeping. These standards guide peacekeeping personnel as they carry out critical tasks to assist countries in the transition from conflict to peace. CPTM 2017 has been updated with a strengthened curriculum. This includes cross-cutting themes and priorities such as conduct and discipline, sexual exploitation and abuse, the protection of civilians, human rights, gender mainstreaming, conflict related sexual violence, child protection, and environmental protection.

Training Material for UN police

In addition, the Specialized Training Material (STM) for UN police formulate the minimum UN standards for pre-deployment training of UN Police (Individual) and also formulate parts of the minimum UN standards for pre-deployment of FPU’s. The Specialized Training Materials include

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UN peacekeeping training standards for UN police

The training materials are based on the UN peacekeeping training standards:

Specialized training materials on child protection and gender toolkit

Two further specialized training materials include the

UN police training materials on child protection

Currently more than 90 % of uniformed personnel are deployed in peace operations with protection mandates. Accordingly DPKO-ITS provides a range of related training programs, such as Protection of Civilians (operational and tactical level), Conflict Related Sexual Violence and Sexual and Gender Based Violence. These subjects are closely linked to this training program (e.g. legal framework, peacekeeping context, coordination with other actors), and it is advised to use the above mentioned training programs in conjunction with the one on Child Protection. This will allow users to be well prepared for delivery, and to compose an enhanced and tailored training program for the given target group.The training materials are available on the Peacekeeping Resource Hub

United Nations Police Gender Toolkit

The United Nations Police Gender Toolkit is a training package of best practices for mainstreaming gender into police activities in peacekeeping operations. The package consists of three modules.

  1. Module one is on capacity building of UNPOL officers on gender mainstreaming.
  2. Module two is on capacity building of the host State police on promoting gender equality.
  3. Module three is on capacity building of the host State police on preventing and investigating sexual and gender-based violence. The Gender Toolkit package is available as a comprehensive handbook and an accompanying Compendium of Project Tools and an instructor’s manual for in-person training-of-trainers courses.