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In Focus : Beijing hosts Senior Police Officers course

Over the past decade, China has become one of the most significant contributors to United Nations Peacekeeping”, said United Nations Head of Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix at the 8th “Beijing Xiangshan Forum. “We look forward to furthering this partnership to continue enhancing peacekeeping”.


Currently a total of 20 Chinese Police officers serve within UN Police in UN headquarters and in the field including in South Sudan and Cyprus. Two Senior Officers including one Female are in the Senior Police Leadership Roster. Also since 2000, more than 2700 police (FPUs and IPOs) have been deployed to UNHQ, Timor-Lester, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia, Cyprus and Haiti.


The Government of China also committed to sponsor the next UNCOPS Summit in 2020 and pledged to support UN Police in many aspects including training in partnership with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and the (PDET). One of China's most recent contribution to UN Police, is its hosting Senior Police Commanders training course  in September in the premises of the Police Peacekeeping Training Centre located in Langfang, some 50 km from the centre of Beijing.


The course known as the first United Nations Police Commander Course (UNPCC) brought together 15 senior police officers from 12 Member States, including seven females. The list of participants was comprised of the current Heads of UN police components as well as the members of Senior Police Leadership Roster and successful participants from the Female Senior Police Cadre exercise.

The UNPCC is a 10-day program which includes technical training delivered by subject matter experts and a scenario-based exercises moderated by experienced mentors.


The training is designed around the United Nations Police Command functions and based on the guiding principles for United Nations Police commanders’. The Curricula includes their roles and responsibilities in a UN peacekeeping context, based on their past experience and commanding skills either in international or domestic policing.


The United Nations Police Division and DPET Integrated Training Service will be organizing UNPCCs in the future, on a regular basis.