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IAPTC 24th Annual Conference opens today in Auckland

Hosted in Aotearoa, New Zealand, ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, the International Association for Peacekeeping Training Centers 24th Annual Conference Opens today. The Conference will focus on most ‘Innovative Capacity Building for Effective Peace Operations’.

This gathering is an open and global forum for military, police, civilian trainers, planners and academics who have an interest or stake in training individuals and/or contingents to be effective actors when deployed for peace operations and related crisis situations. The conference encourages sharing perspectives, values open dialogue and supports initiatives that generate increased capacity and improved operational practices.

A special emphasis will be put on police keeping and engaging by consent communities as partners in preventing and detecting crime.

“As United Nations Police Adviser, I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of community-oriented policing and its promise”, said United Nations Police Adviser Luis Carrilho in his opening remarks. “ Community-oriented policing rebuilds trust between the police and societies recovering from conflict. It is our UN Police ethos”, he added.

Today’s speeches were also dedicated to capacity building, Participants stressed the fact that UN Police is an important actor in creating peace through Justice and Security. 

The Auckland Conference will further focus on stimulating worldwide engagement, embracing new ways of thinking and generating outcome when shaping and delivering training for peacekeeping operations.

Attended by a vast array of participants the conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience New Zealand’s unique Kiwi culture and hospitality.