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Statements by Member States and Partners (UNCOPS 2022)

Session 1:

Purpose: Overview of United Nations Police and Member States’ roles in addressing the key challenges facing United Nations peacekeeping, including accelerating the implementation of the Declaration of Shared Commitments on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and A4P+.

Takeaway: Collective appreciation and understanding of the necessity of national and United Nations policing working in unity and prioritization of Women, Peace and Security commitments to ensure the success of peacekeeping.

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Session 2:

Purpose: Security and development are inextricably linked. By helping to prevent and detect crime, protect life and property, and maintain public order and safety in adherence to the rule of law and international human rights law, national and United Nations Police lay the seeds for lasting peace and development. At the same time, they are key players for the realization of a new vision for the rule of law, a new agenda for peace and the renewed call to action for human rights as proposed by the Secretary-General in his Our Common Agenda report.

Takeaway: An agreed way forward and concrete commitments for further equipping United Nations Police to effectively contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals and Our Common Agenda, as well as Women, Peace and Security commitments and priorities.

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Session 3:

Purpose: Exchange on Member States’ future asks of the United Nations Police as a system-wide service provider for United Nations policing and other law enforcement matters, and on the Secretariat’s requirements to further improve the performance and effectiveness of United Nations policing, building on Security Council resolution 2436 (2018) and ongoing efforts to assess impact (e.g., the Integrated Peacekeeping Performance Accountability Framework or the Comprehensive Planning and Performance Assessment System).

Takeaway: Joint understanding of needs and overview of commitments to bridge existing gaps.

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Statements by Member States and Partners

Session 1: Addressing key challenges facing United Nations peacekeeping through Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) and A4P+ Session 2: Fostering sustainable peace and development through United Nations policing Session 3: Bridging the gap on performance

1. People’s Republic of China
2. The Gambia
3. Republic of Madagascar
4. Republic of Mali
5. Russian Federation
6. Republic of Sudan
7. Republic of Zimbabwe
8. Chile
9. Nordics (Denmark on behalf of the Nordics)
10. Finland
11. Republic of Indonesia
12. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
13. Republic of Lithuania
14. Montenegro
15. Republic of the Philippines
16. Republic of Poland
17. Türkiye
18. Arab Republic of Egypt
19. Republic of Estonia
20. Pakistan
21. Canada
22. Malaysia
23. Kingdom of the Netherlands
24. Republic of Slovenia
25. Spain
26. United Kingdom

1) People’s Republic of Bangladesh
2) Iraq
3) Germany

4) Mexico
5) Uruguay
6) Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
7) Republic of Korea
8) Republic of Liberia
9) Nepal
10) Nigeria
11) El Salvador
12) France
13) India
14) Italy
15) Kingdom of Morocco
16) Paraguay
17) Republic of Rwanda
18) United Arab Emirates
19) United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

1. Ecuador
2. United States of America
3. Haiti
4. Norway
5. Portugal
6. Romania
7. Argentina
8. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
9. Tunisia
10. Belgium
11. Brazil
12. Colombia
13. European External Action Service
15. Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie