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UN Police Division works to prepare Formed Police Units to serve in UN peacekeeping operations

The United Nations Police Division is strengthening the performance of UN police personnel through workshops to certify Assessment of Operational Capability (AOC)/ Assessment for Mission Service (AMS) instructors from field missions. 

Given COVID-related travel restrictions and increased risks, the Police Division has advanced preparations for an intensive training-of-trainers course involving 30 Member State-based police trainers and participants in a central location to assess, validate and rotate police personnel more effectively while building Member State capacities, without placing Member State representatives or UN staff at undue risk. These efforts ultimately better prepare UN police operating in high-risk and asymmetric settings to respond to mission- and context-specific threats and risks.

In addition, from 1 to 9 June, the Police Division organized the 16th annual AOC/AMS Certification Workshop at the Regional Training and Conference Centre (RTCC) in Entebbe. A total of 41 police officers (17 women and 24 men), including 20 individual police officers (IPOs) nominated for AOC certification, attended the workshop, which was held in accordance with COVID-19 safety measures and the preventive guidance issued by the RTCC.

While virtual events are still practiced due to COVID-19, the team from the Police Division’s Selection and Recruitment Section was able to travel to Entebbe to conduct this indispensable training in person, including on competency-based interviews during AMS and Selection Assistance and Assessment Team (SAAT) visits and events. Participants exchanged ideas and shared their experiences during practical exercises involving group work and discussions to foster teamwork and problem-solving skills.   

The IPOs nominated for AOC certification received dedicated training on the contents of the UN Standardized Pre-deployment Training Curricula for Formed Police Units (FPU), preparing them to conduct a thorough assessment of the operational capability of units prior to their deployment. As a result, the certified AOC instructors will prepare FPU Assessment Teams according to the UN Police standards and propose them for potential deployment to UN peacekeeping operations.