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United Nations medal ceremony for UN Police Officers in GAO

On 7th September the UNPOLs of GAO regional office deployed in Ansongo and Menaka received the United Nations medal. Through this decoration, the United Nations recognizes their contribution to the stabilization of Mali.

At the MINUSMA Super Camp in Gao, the head of  MINUSMA Police Component chaired a medal ceremony at the SENFPU2, the 5th rotation based in GAO and IPOs deployed in Gao, in MENAKA and Ansongo sectors in the presence of the representative of Gao Governor, the Prefect, the Head of  GAO Office, the UNPOL Regional Commander of GAO, the representatives of  MINUSMA substantive sections, UNPOLs   and the civilian staff, the administrative authorities, customary, political and military in Gao region. This ceremony honored one hundred thirty-seven (137) elements of the Senegalese FPU and twelve (12) IPOs of six (6) different nationalities. The Head of MINUSMA Police Component, speaking, asked for a minute of silence in memory of the missing and especially the late KOFI ANAN, all working for the restoration of peace in the world. As for the wounded, he wished for a speedy recovery. The Police Commissioner then praised UNPOL's efforts in implementing the mandate and urged them to be more professional and enduring.

On the day before the ceremony, the Police Commissioner Issoufou Yacouba, Chief of MINUSMA Police Component, made a working visit with the administrative officials and with MINUSMA substantive sections in Gao.

On 6th September 2018, the Chief of the Police Component arrived in Gao, accompanied by the FPU Coordinator, the COS and the SENFPU-1 Commander for the medal ceremony. He held a meeting with UNPOL during which he thanked them for the work done with professionalism during the presidential elections, which went well. He stressed the need to increase the IPOs female staff as well as the staff number of FPUs to 160 elements and mentioned the reinforcement of the MDSF staff, in the Center and the North of Mali, so that they are actually involved in the realization of the Proximity Police concept. He urged UNPOL to make the same commitment in the upcoming parliamentary elections on 25 November and 16 December 2018. 

The Police Commissioner visited the Governor, the Gendarmerie Legion Deputy Commander and the head of Gao Regional Police with whom he discussed about the new guidelines and leadership orientations of the Mission. He made it clear to them that the visit of the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UN-USG) was intended to explain to Malian Government members, MINUSMA, UN Country Team, to the actors of Civil Society, that in the light of the Security Council’s 2423 Resolution, tangible progress is expected in a brief delay.