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United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Built a New Kabo Police Station in Juba

United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) constructed a new Kabo Police Station in Juba for the South Sudan National Police (SSNP). Funding for the police station was provided by the Quick Impact Project in the Luri County, Central Equatoria.

UNMISS Police Commissioner Unaisi Lutu Vuniwaqa, along with the Head of the Juba Field Office, Ms. Geetha Pious, participated in an opening ceremony to hand over the keys of the newly constructed police station to SSNP. The SSNP Deputy Inspector General of Police, Juba State Deputy Police Commissioner, UNMISS partners, a Luri community representative, the project implementing partner “Save A Life”, SSNP and UNPOL officers also attended this ceremony.

Commissioner Vuniwaqa expressed that this station serves as a bridge between local citizens and SSNP to enhance community policing initiatives. She encouraged SSNP to create an environment in the station where people are able to feel confident to report crimes as well as share information.