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Manual on Mission-based Police Planning in Peace Operations (2017)

UN police in field missions have identified operational planning for UN police components (hereinafter referred to as “Mission-based police planning”) as an area that needs key guidance. The work conducted at the Headquarters and in-mission planning processes, including the development and review of the concept of operations, need to address issues in a consistent manner. The Policy on Integrated Assessment and Planning (IAP) adopted in April 2013 applies to UN-wide planning processes; however, it does not specifically address the planning processes and requirements in terms of component-specific strategies. The Policy Committee of the Secretary-General has asked the lead Departments (and its components) to address the challenges identified in the area of planning through Department-level policies and component-level guidance. Further, the DPKO/DFS Policy on United Nations Police in Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions reiterates the need, among others; of defining the core functions and fundamental principles that shall serve to guide, UN police planning (and deployment) processes and inform other mission components as to how United Nations police are to approach the implementation of their mandated tasks.