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Vacances de poste

La police de l'ONU dispose d'un certain nombre de postes vacants, dont les candidats sont désignés directement par les États membres. Veuillez contacter le siège de votre police nationale si vous êtes intéressé(e) à l’un ou l’autre de ces postes.







  • 9 Jun 2007

    The guidelines for UN police officers on assignment with peacekeeping operations contain general information about the administrative aspects of the selection, deployment, rotation, transfer and repatriation of UN police officers on assignment as Experts on Mission with United Nations peacekeeping operations. The guidelines shall enable Member States to make the necessary arrangements prior to the departure of UN police officers to a United Nations peacekeeping operation and shall serve as guidance during their tour of duty in the mission area. These guidelines are complementary to other mission-specific information, which UN police officers will receive upon their arrive in the mission area. The guidelines do not apply to personnel from formed police units. 

  • 1 Jun 2007