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Vacances de poste

La police de l'ONU dispose d'un certain nombre de postes vacants, dont les candidats sont désignés directement par les États membres. Veuillez contacter le siège de votre police nationale si vous êtes intéressé(e) à l’un ou l’autre de ces postes.








  • 1 Dec 2006

    The Standard Operating Procedures on Performance Appraisals of United Nations Police Officers (2006) set-forth the principles, standards and procedures
    applicable for the appraisal of the performance of certain categories of United Nations Police Officers deployed as Experts on Mission in United Nations peacekeeping operations. Thee Standard Operating Procedures are adopted in order to present, in a factual and documented form, the performance, competence and capabilities of the concerned United Nations Police Officers. Such records should be used inter alia in making decisions on extending the tour of duty of officers, selection for future missions, or consideration for managerial responsibilities with the United Nations.


  • 1 Jan 2003

    The letter requests the signer, among others to "abide by the highest standards of integrity while in service for the United Nations and to refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the United Nations. I shall refrain from any action or activity incompatible with the impartial and independent nature of my duties and inconsistent with the letter or spirit of the authorized mandate of the mission.